Current conditions at Sant Pere Pescador , Girona 30/11/20

Temperature: 7.8C
Humidity: 94%
Dew point 6.9C
Wind: WNW a 4.8 km/h
Air pressure: 747.7hPa
Today's rainfall: 0.0mm
Intensity of rain 0.0mm/h
Storm 0.0mm
Monthly rainfall 56.6mm
Annual rainfall 11795.3mm
Apparent air temperature 7.3C
Heat index 7.9C
Today’s maximum and minimum temperatures
Maximum temperature 8.1C at 0:00h
Minimum temperature 6.6C at 2:44h
Maximum humidity 94% at 3:21h
Minimum humidity 92% at 0:00h
Maximum dew point 7.2C at 0:01h
Minimum dew point 5.6C at 2:15h
Maximum wind speed 9.7km/h at 6:16h
Maximum pressure 779.7hPa at 0:16h
Minimum pressure 741.4hPa at 2:43h
Maximum intensity of rain 0.0mm/h at ----h
Minimum apparent air temperature 6.1C at 2:36h
Maximum high 8.3C at 0:00h
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